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  We would like to welcome you to the Beausant Brotherhood. It was designed as a place where enthusiasts of the Crusades (from a predominantly Western perspective) and the Military Orders of the Church could gather and share stories, photos, information, and global fraternity in a shared interest. It is not a site that discourages those who are just starting out or short on a budget or resources when putting the “look” together. If you can be “recognized” as a “Warrior Monk” at an event, then we welcome your enthusiasm. There are many here that have vast knowledge on how to improve your presentation from simple and inexpensive ways to the more robust and costly avenues of acquisition.

Brothers and Sisters, enjoy yourselves here. Make friends, and we look forward to meeting as many of you in the future as the Almighty will grant us the opportunity to do so.
If you like what you see, please see our donation page. Every little bit of charity helps to keep this cyber preceptory functioning. It is, after all, a Labor of Love for a growing group like-mindeded enthusiasts.
If you have questions or suggestion, see our "Contact Us" page and submit your idea.
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